A Timeline Of Gaia


- Shadow makes his first appearance in Pilot City, protecting small shops and stopping petty criminals

- Willow comes from hiding and tells of her purpose. She has been in Diamondwood Forest for years, and protecting the ancient stone tower in the middle. This stone tower is a prison for ancient magic-users, known as Mancers. She helps Shadow fight crime, and defend Pilot City.


-A few other teen heroes come out of the woodwork in other cities, In silver city a woman who can control ice and radiation, in Geo City, a pterodactyl was seen capturing and detaining criminals, and in Light city, a young man who could lift whole ships was seen fighting another who seemed to use the sun itself to fight.

-Anchor city slowly crumbles under its crime problem, and a mafia boss by the name of Dr. Doppleganger takes over huge chunks of the city, while another one by the name of King Suit takes the rest. A gang war between the suits and the clones quickly engulfs the city in chaos.


-Realizing the trouble in Anchor City, Big League, Icetope, Terrordactyl, Shadow, and Willow all form the first known roster for Spectrum, teaming up to take down King Suit, believing him to be responsible. They send him to jail, but not before he sets up his legacy, making sure his grandchildren will take over where he left off.

-Spectrum splits back up, going to their respective cities to protect them the way they could, but they keep in touch, knowing that they might need fight together again.


-Terrordactyl takes on a sidekick named Terradonnel

-Dr. Doppleganger starts to experiment on his clones, giving some of them powers, mutations, and creating villains to help him take over the other cities.

-Each of the villains are stopped and detained.

-Blake Lesley becomes a top charts musician in silver city. At the exact time of Lesley’s fortune, Thunderclap appears on the scene to fight crime.

-A duo by the name of Beauty and The Beat in Anchor City find out about Dr. Dopplegangers plans, and where all the villains are coming from. They alert the various members of Spectrum and a new roster is formed. Shadow, Willow, Thunderclap, Big League, Icetope, Terrordactyl, Terradonnel, Beauty, and The Beat all fight Dr. Dopplegangers army.

-The Punissuer begins his epic bank robbery scheme all across dark city, leading Terrordactyl and Terradonnel on a puzzling chase and investigation that leads to a huge fight with loads of gadgets and explosions. Nobody is hurt however.

-Terrordactyl visits Punissuer in jail and they form a close friendship, which isn’t at all sullied by the other 8 times Punissuer escapes and goes on a crazy crime spree. Jaywalking, Graffiti, Bank Robberies, and even tax evasion, The Punissuer causes mayhem on a hilarious scale.

-For the first time, superhero battles become more about theatrics and less about good vs evil.


-Punissuer and Ozone go on a massive crime spree of Light City and Geo City, causing Terrordactyl, Big League, and Terradonnel to chase them down and a battle of epic proportions happens.

-However in the crossfire, Terradonnel becomes too eager to please Terrordactyl, and Punissuer is killed in the crossfire. Ozone panics, and levels a few buildings to get away, screaming that the heroes had tricked them into thinking it was all about theatrics and he would have his revenge. Terradonnel runs away, never to be heard of again.

-Terrordactyl seemingly retires, seemingly against working with others.

-Big League becomes less warm, less friendly, and the battles with villains become bigger not because he wants them to be theatric, but because sometimes he just needs to hit something.


-Terrordactyl comes out of his reclusness, and unveils a new project. A swift and surgical defense system, known only as….


Designed to safely detain criminals and allow authorities to handle them quicker.
However it does not go as planned. The VELAS, during its preliminary testing in Light City realized that the heroes and villains where to blame for this arms war, but due to its programming telling it that the heroes where good, it glitched and began to become paranoid that all its programming was a lie. It started to wipe out people all over light city, and every hero was called in to stop it.


-The fight leads into the new year, with a few desperate attempts to stop VELAS being tried. Willow frees the Mancers, but they start to attack Pilot City and Diamondwood.
Terrordactyl Tries to blast VELAS with an orbital laser he designed to stop Ozone, but ends up just causing a massive crater in the middle of what has become known as Dark City. Evacuation saves around 35 percent of Dark city, but most of its inhabitants where murdered.

-Big League and Icetope track down Ozone, and the 30 minute deal was made. 29 minutes of the deal where the deliberations and terms, then, the final minute was Ozone and The heroes fighting VELAS, and finally winning.

-While VELAS was being defeated, Master Oak, a massive tree that Willow had been taking care of since Gaia began, rose up, and stopped the Mancers from causing any damage or death in Pilot City.

-Dark City now abandoned, most of the heroes went to different cities and rested. But Shadow just didn’t feel that they where organized enough. So he formed a more permanent Spectrum headquarters inside of Master Oak, and Thunderclap created another in a tower in Silver city. This way, they could get to any of the four cities quickly to help extinguish any crimes quicker.

-In Geo city, a rumor started to float around that the Punissuer’s ghost was murdering people. When Terrordactyl went to investigate, he found a more tactical and warlike version of the Punissuer, who defeated the guilt ridden hero. Icetope saved him, but the Punissuer escaped, following up with more crimes.


-King Suit dies in jail, of mysterious causes. His grandchildren are given his old relics at birth, and told that one day they will fight each other to see who is worthy of wielding all four, thus becoming the Ace, Heir of the King.

-Shadow himself investigates the cause of King Suit’s death, and after leading this back to Dr. Doppleganger, a fight ensues, with Shadow being badly beaten. He calls for help, but when the other heroes get there, they cant do anything. The first hero is dead.

-Spectrum Splits, and all the heroes go back to individual work. Some stay at Spectrum tower or in Master Oak cause they don’t have a home in the first place.

-Blake Lesley, Terrordactyl, and a new version of Velas, perfected over time, create a school in the first Shadow’s honor. Named after him. The Hados institute is designed to teach young heroes how to become better.


-Ozone returns, along with the Mancers, Dr. Doppleganger, and Punissuer.

-The four of them try to destroy Pilot city. In the chaos, a new Shadow appears and avenges the original’s death by defeating Dr. Doppleganger singlehanded. Willow controls Master Oak again, and dispatches the Mancers, a young girl with fiery red hair and copper colored gauntlets appears and with the help of another girl in knights armor with a bright sword made of light, and a young man in Terrordactyl style armor, defeat Punissuer.

-This leaves Ozone to Fight Big League. The fight takes them to the Farmco fields, where a school trip is taking place. Ozone lets loose a massive blast of sunray energy directly from the sky and tries to kill the students. But Big league saves them all, seemingly.

One boy and one girl are still caught in the path, and the boy incredibly knocks the girl to safety, as he gets blasted by the beam. He survived, just barely, and the girl moved away. Her father deeming the city too dangerous.

-Ozone, horrified by what he had almost done, flew away. And hasn’t been seen since.


-Punissuer has escaped from jail.

-The Mancers and Willow are locked in a struggle over Diamondwood Forest.

-Big League has taken on a sidekick

-As has Terrordactyl.

-Spectrum has grown, and is now a pretty big organization. Run by the new Shadow.

-New heroes and villains are on the scene all the time. In fact, just this morning there where reports of a massive train-like robot being stopped from robbing Pilot City bank by a kid who can shoot lightning and turn things to gold, and another who could move at the speed of light, and fire beams of it too.

“So it seems like the plan is coming together then?”

’Miraculously, yes. They arent aware what they truly possess. Or what they have really gotten into. Are your beasts on route?"

“Yes. One will distract them all….and the other will send a message”


A Timeline Of Gaia

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